Every piece of print work from just scanning to wholly projected complex product is considered as one more creation made by our machinery and our creative team and accomplished with love and inspiration.

During almost 20 years of work we have been gathering a huge amount of newborn print projects that helped businesses grow, people stay in touch with each other, hobbies be enjoyed and special occasions get organised.

Some of the projects have been unique and highly personalized like making an enlarged copy of the favourite newspaper for a man who can’t see well; or printing cross stitch schemes for a very talented woman who then makes lovely embroideries to be exposed in galleries; or a gift book about a family, with stories, photos and poems provided by their friends, relatives, neighbours, work mates etc.

Some of the projects have been even more unusual and creative like a calendar featuring… nude men involved in different activities: gardening, drinking at the bar or even playing golf; or an invitation to a party in the shape of a clapstick; or a sign with the meaning “Quit smoking” representing a cigarette in the shape of the letter Q.

Some have been nice and sweet, like printing of bright canvas of the cutest Australian animals; or a newspaper about elite teddy bears for sale; some – sad, like a book of drawings of a girl who died from cancer ordered by her school to give to her parents; or a framed photo of the beloved dog who is not here anymore.

Some of the projects have even had a historical importance: a historical book about floods in Maitland sponsored by local companies; a book about Paterson, an old village; scanning and printing of articles from newspapers of the past century.

Apart from usual plans, business cards and flyers, we have been printing raffle tickets, menus, table cards, price lists, certificates, vouchers, letters, payment slips, CD stickers, labels for vegetables, funeral layouts, concert and conference programs, newsletters, Christmas stickers and cards, table plans, enrollment forms, collages, agreements, handbooks, school magazines, pamphlets, address stickers, appointment cards and much more. The list of our products is not limited to what we declare if we have machinery and facilities to satisfy our customers’ particular needs.

Some of our works are displayed on our page in Instagram which you are the most welcomed to visit.