Do you have a document that you are eager to keep for all your life? Whether it is your school certificate or a poster of your favourite actor, bring it to our shop and get it laminated. Laminating is also ideal for menus, family trees, maps and signs. Laminated documents will be safe and wholly protected from weather and won’t destroy with time – so, it is a perfect solution for a valuable piece of paper! Laminating makes glossy photos look brighter and more vivid, it also adds strength to the print works.

Improve and safeguard your print works with our variety of laminates. You can chose gloss laminate or matt one. The gloss laminate makes the colour ideal for colour posters, whereas the matt laminate reduces glare and assists in readability.

Another option to laminating is celloglazing. Celloglazing covers your document with a thin plastic gloss or matt film which also improves its quality and durability.

At Digiprint we laminate many types of paper and formats: BC, DL, A5, A4, A3, A2, A1, B1, A0, A0+. So, it’s time to come over and have you print laminated and perpetuated!

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