Flyers make you have a distinction when you want to attract potential customers or introduce your product or service to casual people. Flyers can be easily given away targeting specific audiences and informing about events and sales.


Brochure is one of the best marketing options because it covers all the variety of business needs. It may represent an interactive guide telling new customers about your company activity or your old customers about your new products or services. It is not expensive to order them – so they are very popular, especially where the advertising budget is small. To customize your brochure is not difficult at all and we will make it work! Our professional staff and modern machinery not only will prepare any amount of full-colour or black and white brochures, double or triple folded, but also will help you save your time if you will choose to use our mailing list and direct mailing services.


If you are looking to make a magazine, catalogue or programme to demonstrate your products and services, it might be a good solution to choose printing booklets. Digiprint can print them on different sizes and different types of paper. We also provide with a large choice of binding options including stapling, wire, comb, perfect binding and even unique handmade binding that will differentiate your brochures from all the others.

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